What’s happening at HealthyLife?

The inaugural newsletter! 😊

If you are living in the Gulf, I hope you had an enjoyable Eid break recently. If you live elsewhere in the world, then I hope you are enjoying your weekend.

This is the very first HealthyLife newsletter. I’ve waited a few months so there was some news to share with you. 😊

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HealthyLife started in January, 2021, almost six months ago. The plan was to start face-to-face sessions again, but unfortunately, COVID-19 got in the way.  Since then, all group sessions have been held virtually.

The virtual sessions are going very well and people are working successfully towards their goals. I am coaching a few individual clients face-to-face so if this is an option that would suit you better, please let me know.

Face-to-Face Meeting

I am delighted to announce that the first HealthyLife Face-to-Face Meetup will be held on Tuesday 1st June at Shakespeare & Co, Arabian Ranches 1, from 6.30 – 7.30 pm. Due to current social distancing restrictions, there will be a limited number of spaces. Please contact me over the next few days to book your place in this group.

Virtual sessions will continue and once the case numbers decrease to an acceptable level, I will let you know when and where new additional face-to-face meetups will return. Feel free to join us and start working towards your goals.

What’s HealthyLife All About

HealthyLife follows the philosophy of Precision Nutrition in which I am a Certified Coach – my life-long learning journey continues! HealthyLife helps you to obtain your goal whether it’s losing weight or generally to feel healthier and happier. 

The focus is on behaviour-based outcomes as opposed to outcome-based goals. The idea is that consistent daily actions become behaviours which will eventually lead to the desired goal.  There is no ‘best diet’ as we are all individuals and require different strategies – I will support you whatever approach you decide to take.

Group Sessions

In these sessions, we focus on a topic for two weeks.  In the first week the topic is introduced, and in the second week, we dig a little deeper.  This two-week period gives everyone the opportunity to go away and try some of the suggested practices and then come back to report and discuss.

The post-session support resource for each topic can be accessed on the HealthyLife website – feel free to check out the topic resources we’ve covered so far this year.

About ProCoach

HealthyLife offers ProCoach, the online behaviour-based nutrition coaching program.  It can be accessed either by a smartphone or laptop. It comes complete with daily lessons, practices/behaviours, check-ins, and much more. This program is individually tailored to meet your needs and is monitored by me to help you revamp your eating behaviour and to set you up for long-term success.

Yasmine is one of the HealthyLife clients who has opted to use ProCoach. Her story so far:

Yasmine – ProCoach Client

“I joined the HealthyLife program in January 2021 and I have been using ProCoach ever since. It was a much-needed decision after many months of stress eating. What I like about this program is the holistic approach it offers toward nutrition and self-care. Karen has tailored a plan that suits my timings and to my surprise, it has a lot of portions and all foods are allowed. Every two weeks, there is a new topic with many resources to read through with plenty of time for self-reflection. Opening  the PN app every day has become a habit for me, reading and learning how to build a good relationship with myself and food. I know I have a long way to go  but I am confident it is the right way at last!”

Yasmine’s progress so far: 5.2 kg weight-loss and a whopping 35 centimetres in body measurements – way to go Yasmine!! ⭐ 👍 😀

What people are saying about HealthyLife

  • “I really like the change in focus – it suits me as I used to worry terribly about having to stand on the scales each week.  I am still working towards my goal but am doing it in a more holistic way”
  • “I’m enjoying HealthyLife and the virtual sessions.  I like the idea of using my hand to measure my portions but I still like to weigh-in and give Karen my weekly weight record – it keeps me accountable”
  • “I really like ProCoach and all the daily lessons.  I am learning so much and now realise that living a healthier life is not only about weight loss but looking at my Deep Health, ensuring that everything is in balance – relationships, feeling of purpose, physical, emotion, environmental and mental.  HealthyLife is helping me to discover the importance of this balance to ensure long-term health as well as weight-loss”

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HealthyLife Goal Diggers

A group of 18 of us – the HealthyLife Goal Diggers – have just completed a virtual walk from Dubai to Jeddah, a total of 4,880 km in 57 days.

We all committed to over 50 days of exercise and have now made this a new habit – we’re already missing updating our progress on the App!

We’re now planning our next mission and are thinking it will be somewhere with a little more greenery!

If you are interested in reading more about our virtual mission check out the website link – Dubai to Jeddah virtual mission which lists all the milestones along the way.  Mirella made our walk very realistic by providing us with interesting information along the way – thank you Mirella!

Comments received after the completion of the inaugural HealthyLife virtual walk include:

“Hooray 😀 Loved all my walks/ I also walked more.” 👋 👋 👋

“Great news! Thank you Karen and Mirella for this fantastic challenge, I motivated me to walk more and to enjoy the walks every time! .”😀 👏 👏 👏

”Thank you so much for a great experience Karen. I’ve loved every minute of it. I can’t believe I’ve managed to average a daily distance of 7km over 57 days – that’s pretty amazing for me – that’s over 10k for me. I intend to keep it up. Look forward to the next mission – am worried I might relax too much.” 😀

“Well done everyone and huge thanks to Karen (and Peter) and Mirella for the interesting information along the way.”

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I hope you’ve enjoyed reading all about HealthyLife and what’s been happening.  Start working towards your Goals today – feel free to contact me on +97150 653 7854 or email me at

Look out for the next Newsletter and visit the HealthyLife website for additional information including recipes.

Karen 😀

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