Time to relax with the Ibb and flow…

Milestone 19 –Distance: 3,410.4 km (69.9%) – 15 April 2021

I know we’ve recently had a stop, but this place is truly captivating!

Back on track and heading north we stop at Ibb – I know what a cool name, it’s got to be done! BTW other places in the Yemen with great-sounding names include ‘Amrus, Fuwwah and Yashbum – I kid you not – made me smile:-)

And what spectacular scenery. I’m so in love with this country!

A few interesting facts about this city: due to its strategic location being close to the port of Mocha on the west coast, and located on the road between the principal cities of Aden, (with Al Hudayah slightly off piste on the west coast) and then further north on to Sana’a, Ibb has been an important strategic administrative centre and market hub, hailing back to ancient (allegedly biblical) times.

From its lofty position on a spur of Jabal Shamahi (AKA Jebel Shemahe or Jabal Ali Ibn al-Qarib) some 2,000 m high, Ibb looks down smugly on to the green and pleasant fertile land that it surveys, bewitchingly romantic and at times raging, rather reminiscent of Heathcliff.

Due to its elevated position Ibb benefits from a subtropical highland climate; mild summers and cool winters, nothing too extreme. With quite enviable temperatures throughout the year, notably the summer months with temperatures not rising above 30°C, coincidentally the wettest months, this might be my hideout of choice this summer!

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