Jalan Bani Buali, Oman

Milestone 8 -Distance: 1,088.3 km (22.3%) – early evening 16 March 2021

What a suprise!

We’re taking a detour and heading off the beaten track, further east to a fabulous place called Jalan Bani Buali.

There’s something to suit everyone: archeological sites for intrepid explorers, migratory birds for the twitchers among you and fabulous views of pink lagoons for those of us who just want a beautiful view and some downtime!

A study has shown that this natural phenomenon is due to an algae called Dunalilla Salina, which has very high concentrations of salt and B Carotene and some harmless bacterias.  Apparently the actual pink hues are due to a bacteria called the halobacteria. 


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