14 Dawan

Wadi Dawan

Milestone 14 -Distance: 2,544.8 km (52.1%) – early evening 3rd March 2021

Heading slightly south we come to Wadi Dawan,  a town and desert valley in central Yemen. Here we can see villages perched on impossibly high cliffs like the acclaimed Haid Al-Jazil, a village which perched on top of a boulder – see the bottom row photos. Or the Husn Fort in Qarn Majid, top left photo. Take a close look at the photos – it’s pretty unbelievable 🙂

Sadly Haid Al-Jazil has seen a downturn in fortunes – crumbling homes from erosion due to flash floods and the constant uphill battle to maintain them has resulted in the exodus of most of the villagers. 

Still it’s definitely worth the trek. I still can’t believe people lived in the those homes! Can you imagine building those precarious-looking houses?

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