HealthyLife Goal Diggers on Tour!

Virtual Walk – Dubai to Jeddah, 4,880 km

Departed: Dubai – 8 March 2021  and Arrived: Jeddah – 5 May 2021

It’s taken our group of 18 Goal Diggers a total of 57 days to reach our target of 4,880 km. That’s 32 days ahead of time!  We averaged 85 km a day. The majority of us chose to walk to Jeddah and clocked up over 4,000 km – what a feat (excuse the pun!). Check out all the places we passed on the way. Thanks to Mirella for the interesting milestone posts.

Well done for sticking with the mission – we make a great team!  We all committed to over 50 days of exercise? Isn’t that great?

We’ve given ourselves a pat on the back!
We are wondering – where to next?

We’ve got our thinking caps on and after a short break, we’ll be back with the location for our next mission! 😊

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