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Milestone 16 – Distance: 3,011.4 km (61.7%) – 11 April 2021

While travelling through this country of rotating landscapes of sand, mountains, lush valleys, and coastal plains, we are in no doubt that there are troubles in this part of the world.

The Yemenis have suffered from warring factions, both domestic and external, for many years. To try to encapsulate their history here would perhaps be a disservice; merely providing a comb-over to a complex situation.

What isn’t in doubt is the continuing humanitarian crisis many Yemenis face on a daily basis.

Fortunately there are international efforts waiting in the wings to help forge a peaceful path ahead; the renewed spotlight on this situation can only help this process, however far away it may seem at this present time.

BTW, we’ve hit the 3,000km mark. Let’s keep going!

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