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Out of Routine!

Keep Going - no matter what. Your future self will be proud.

Weekends, eating out, enjoying a staycation, or staying with friends and family can be both fun, and sociable.

However, these situations can be tricky and challenging if you are trying to live a healthier life.

It’s also very easy to let your newly-developed daily practices slip when you are out of your usual routine.

Try to keep in mind that even when you aren’t at home, you can still keep these practices going.  Maybe ‘dial it down’ – if you can’t do your usual workout at the gym, you can still try and keep as active as possible by taking the stairs instead of a lift or by parking the car further away in a carpark so you do a little more walking.  Making healthy food choices most of the time will also help.

Many chefs tend not to consider the needs of healthy eaters when they are designing their menus!  Studies have linked dining out with overeating and poor food choices.  Unfortunately, portion sizes have ballooned in recent years and most of us tend to polish off every bite.

Remember it’s all about that ‘continuum’ … just being a little better – 1% is great to keep the practice going!

Check out this video on Eating out tips

These simple and smart choices can make all the difference when you are out of your routine:

  • Plan ahead
  • Read the menu before you leave home
  • Find a healthy balance. The golden rule!
  • Do your workout early in the day
  • Drink water
  • Remember food swaps – make it healthy eg. swap fries for salad
  • Try not to skip meals
  • Have a healthy snack before you arrive
  • Order your meal before everyone else
  • Say ‘No’ to the breadbasket
  • Choose tomato-based sauces instead of creamy ones
  • Eat slowly and mindfully
  • Choose small measures of alcohol and low-calorie mixers
  • Share a dessert
  • Practice assertiveness skills so you can refuse foods or activities without feeling guilty or hurting others’ feelings
  • Visualise yourself eating healthily prior to eating out or the holiday

Some additional tips for the Weekends

  • Have a weekend plan
  • Continue with your exercise
  • Save those 4 meals – remember 17/21?
  • Meal prep for the week ahead
  • Family time/social contact
  • Rest and time for YOU
  • Have some fun

Check out the video below for some great healthy snacks to try this weekend

Remember:  Keep your goals (your Why) visible and in the front of your mind.  Ask yourself – is this behaviour helping me?

Being flexible about your food choices is linked with better overall health and weight management. It’s helpful to think about how a meal fits into your overall daily food intake.

If you are following healthy meal patterns most of the time, go ahead and treat yourself – an occasional indulgence can be good for the soul. There will be times when you want to eat your favourite food for pleasure and not worry about whether it is healthy or not.


Check out these additional resources below:

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How I quit weekend overeating– Krista Scott-Dixon from Precision Nutrition (Read or audio-option)

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